Our history

Entrepreneurship have characterized the Hammar family in Bjursås since the beginning of the 20th century.

Petter Hammar started his business with a smithy. In the late 1930s, his son Algot took over the business.

Algot Hammar changed the company name in 1941 to Hammar’s sheet metal warehouse and forging workshop. Registration plates are made for cars and wheelbarrows for children.

In the mid-1950s, the first contact was made with the electricity industry, which resulted in the manufacture of, among other things, pole roofs and warning rings for power line poles.

In 1965, the company name was changed to the current AB Hammarprodukter with a Hammare as logo. Manufacturing is almost entirely focused on the electricity industry.

Hammarprodukter currently has 25 employees in Bjursås, as well as 5 employees in Estonia. We are the market leader in several countries and have an extensive network of retailers in the rest of the world.


A new factory building is being built.


Lars Hammar takes over the company. New warehouse and office space will be added.


New production facilities are being built.


Lars Hammar (CEO/Owner) receives an award as the entrepreneur of the year in Falu municipality.


Additional production facilities are being built. The growing range requires more and more space.


Hammarprodukter now has a subsidiary in Estonia (Hammarprodukter OÜ). Their main production is to assemble bird protection products.


Lars Hammar (CEO/Owner) receives the award as Business Leader of the Year in Dalarna at the Dalarna Business Gala.


Hammarprodukter are awarded Triple A-diamond (highest credit rating Limited company). We have maintained the same credit rating since 1991.


Hammarprodukter won EY's (Ernst & Young) award for Best International Growth of the Year for the Svealand region. With the motivation: "With a visionary long-term perspective, he has created a company with the world as a market where over 60% of the company's products go to foreign customers. By being inventive and with a creative product development, he succeeds in making an already successful company even more successful. "


Another new warehouse and production facility is inaugurated.


Hammarprodukter OÜ (subsidiary) is moving to new larger premises.


New office inaugurated.


The old office became a workshop and the machinery park expanded.


Today the company has 30 employees, where 25 is located in Bjursås and 5 in Kureessaare.