Electricity safety Signs

Electrical warning -, prohibition-, as well as fibre optic signs are widely used throughout the world.
The  warning signs are used to warn off possible electrocution with phrases such as; “Danger of Death”, “Keep off”, “Keep Out” and “Do Not Climb” etc.

Our signs are manufactured in  different material, such as for example aluminum, plastic and self-adhesive decals.
The signs can be made with holes, distance dimples or slots.

We manufacture signs for different countries according to the specific rules and regulations in the selected country.

For further information and inquiries please contact us at Hammarprodukter or our distributor in your country.

Below you can see some examples of neutral signs and signs with text in different languages.

To see a wider range of signs that we manufacture , please visit our Swedish page for examples of signs with Swedish texts and standards, which can be produced according to the requirements of your market and chosen language.