Products for your and others safety

The Hammarprodukter brand is known for its wide range of unique and user-friendly quality products intended for Electrical transmission, Telecommunication and Railway networks. We specialise in the manufacture of signs, marking systems and bird protection for the power industry in order to provide products that can “Catch attention” for your safety and the safety of others. We supply durable, high quality products and solutions.

Hammarprodukter has been at the forefront of signage and marking systems for over 60 years. We work closely with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders to create a safe and sustainable future. Hammarprodukter is a well-established company, dating back to the early 1900s. We are at the forefront of our field in Sweden, where our products are sold by leading electricity and solar panel wholesalers. Since the 80’s, we have expanded our presence on the international market and now have distributors in some 30 countries.

Hammarprodukter works continuously with product development, in close cooperation with our customers, and we manufacture both standard and customised products. We work according to our own high standards of commitment to quality and good customer contact through a personal approach. In order to maintain consistent and correct quality, tests and quality controls are carried out both at our own climate facility and at various test institutes. We keep up to date with current regulations and recommendations for marking systems and warnings for electrical installations. Our products are manufactured in accordance with current regulations, and with an aim to limit our climate impact.


We supply a wide range of products:



Our business concept

Stand-out Signage. 


Through close cooperation with the industry, we develop, manufacture and sell user-friendly and high-quality signs, marking systems, bird protection products and marker posts to the electric power industry, railways and their contractors.


Quality policy

Our signage needs to be visible for a long time. Knowledge is our strength.


Our products should be of the right quality and delivered at the right time, with reduced environmental impact, at the right price, and meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and stakeholders.

We are ISO 9001 quality certified (and have been since 1996).


Working environment policy

Everyone must work together to ensure a good working environment. 
We regard laws and regulations as minimum requirements.


Healthy and safe working conditions – The equal value of all people is a matter of course.
We work to promote a healthy working environment, where everyone can feel safe and secure. Hammarprodukter is committed to the health, safety and job satisfaction of its employees. Our employees are our greatest asset and, together with our customers, suppliers and partners, the reason behind Hammarprodukters success.

Our relationships with each other, and with customers, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders shall be characterised by Honesty, Simplicity, Innovation and Customer focus.



We keep each other informed and give feedback – We have fun together at work!


Environmental policy

We must protect the environment and use our resources efficiently.


For us at Hammarprodukter this means that:

We will work to ensure sustainability and prevent pollution from our activities within the limits of what is economically feasible.
We will strive to limit our impact on the environment.
We will work to ensure an efficient use of resources and greater environmental awareness.
We will comply with environmental laws and be receptive to the environmental demands of our stakeholders.
We will always keep the life cycle perspective in mind.

We are ISO 14001 environmentally certified (and have been since 2019).


Our identity

We will keep track of signage regulations.
We will monitor the regulations and recommendations relevant to our activities.
We are honest in our dealings – internally and externally.
We give responsibility, and our employees take responsibility.
We are a responsible company committed to reducing our environmental impact.


Signs – Marking systems – Bird protection – Monitoring = Hammarprodukter



Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out requirements and guidelines on health and safety, working conditions and ethics. We set these standards for ourselves, but they also apply to all our suppliers and partners. We support the UN Global Compact’s ten principles on human rights, labour issues, environment and anti-corruption.

Read full document Code of Conduct.


Sustainability work

Hammarprodukter strives to be an exemplary supplier for its existing customers and at the same time attract new customers through a well-integrated approach to sustainability.



We also strive to be an attractive employer that can attract and retain skilled staff.

As part of our sustainability, we have started a KTP-project together with Dalarna University.
(KTP-Projekt – Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, collaboration model that elevates both companies and academia.)


The aim of the entire project is to strengthen the company’s sustainability efforts in order to:

  • Build trust with customers and suppliers and establish itself as a reliable partner.
  • Increase the competence of all employees in the field of sustainability.
  • Strengthen the company’s brand.
  • Help solve the major environmental challenges for future generations.


We are located in Bjursås, 250 km north from Stockholm, Sweden. Welcome to contact us.