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Number sign with stainelss steel spring clip KL 45.

Prod no. E0668421

Sign area: 60x90x1,5 mm, alum.

Detailed Description

Sign with stainless steel spring clip. Designed for fixing on cables up to 45 mm. The sign can be fitted and removed from the ground without switching off the power, using an installation tool which is screwed to an insulating pole. Sign in aluminium plate finished with polyester coating, screen-printed on both sides. Finished with transparent protective coating. Rounded corners to avoid damage due to sharp edges. Text height 60 mm. Numbers in black printed on yellow aluminium.

Number sign for 10-45 mm diam. powerline:
Number 1                      E0668421
Number 2                      E0668422
Number 3                      E0668423
Number 4                      E0668424
Number 5                      E0668425
Number 6                      E0668426
Number 7                      E0668427
Number 8                      E0668428
Number 9                      E0668429