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FireFly Bird protection product including SnapFast clamp.

Prod no. E0668347


Detailed Description

Complete with SnapFast clamp SF10-70N for power lines/conductors/cables/wires 10-70mm diam.  

The FireFly prevent collisions with power lines ( both transmission and distribution) and also prevent birds roosting on towers and wires. The distance between each FireFly Bird protection has to be 10m. The rotational speed of the Firefly increases its effectiveness.

The FireFly is a well-tried, effective product for power lines, communication towers, lectrical substations etc.   

As many bird species can see in the ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight, the birds will avoid the product during migration over the powerlines.

The FireFly rotates in the wind both day and night to alert approaching birds to an obstruction in their flight path.The FireFly utilizes both reflective and uv absorption in the high impact plastic plate.

Product is also available with clamp for  powerline/conductor/cable/wire 6 to 16mm (Art.No E0668335)