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Marking system, type H80 yellow. Text height 80 mm.

Prod no. Marking system H80

Total text height incl. baseplate 130 mm.

The size of character is 50 x 128 x 1,5 mm


Detailed Description

The H80 Marking System can be used for marking substations, distribution and electrical plants, disconnectors, transformers, device marking etc.

The characters are screenprinted in black with yellow bottom and varnished after printing. 

The baseplate used is 1.6 mm thick aluminium with a weather-resistant polyester finish in black. All baseplates are ready made and cut to the correct length for the number of characters to be used.

Theoretical reading  distance is approx. 30 meters.

Baseplates in different lengths sealed in one end: 
1-2 characters        140 mm length                E0667702
   3 characters        190 mm                          E0667703
   4 characters        240 mm                          E0667704
   5 characters        290 mm                          E0667705
   6 characters        340 mm                          E0667706
   7 characters        390 mm                          E0667707
   8 characters        440 mm                          E0667708
   9 characters        490 mm                          E0667709
 10 characters        540 mm                          E0667710





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