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Combi Crimp, mounting tool, for construction of signs.

Prod no. E0667965

Detailed Description

With this special tool it is possible to construct signs simply and quickly. The tool cuts and seals the sign and punches a slot hole in the baseplate on both sides. 


-Seal one side of the baseplate. A slot is punched in one end.

- Insert the characters.

- Cut the baseplate. At the same time the sign are sealed in the baseplate and a second slot is punched.

The tool has a "sensor" that guarantee that the baseplate is cut at the right distance from the characters. the Combi Crimp is supplied with two different "distances" that you use depending on which marking system you are to use.

The tool is used for Marking systems H10, H25, H25 Vertical and H50 and H50 Vertical.



Mounting tool in a vice